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This guide is to assist you/your child understand what is expected of them on a daily basis and provide you with helpful information regarding their stay in Detention. 

 While residing in Detention, your child will attend 5 hours of school provided by the South Bend Community School Corp. teachers and 1 hour of physical education per day.   Local school corporations recognize earned credits. 

Juveniles are subject to consistent supervision.  They are visually monitored when in their rooms every 15 minutes.  When they are on suicide precautions they are visually monitored every 4 minutes

 You may contact the Control Room at 574.235.5385 in regards to visitation times.  Please call the Control Room before the scheduled visitation time to ensure your child is still eligible for a visit.   (See below for Visitation Schedule) 

When calling the Juvenile Justice Center for information regarding your child, you must provide your child’s File Number in order to comply with legal requirements and ensure your child’s confidentiality.  You will receive this File number from your child’s Probation Officer. 

Our Detention Department has exceeded every Indiana Department of Corrections inspection since opening in 1997.  Detention Staff teach and demonstrate the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Tolerance, and Acceptance to juveniles under their direct supervision.


Department Phone Numbers

Security Department                                                 574.235.5352

          Security Officers screen all individuals and belongings coming into the facility.  Upon your arrival for visitation, Security Officers will check the approved visitation list completed by Probation Officers.  You must present a picture ID in exchange it for a Visitor Badge. (See Visits Page 6)

Probation Department                                              574.235.5400

          All juveniles detained at JJC are assigned a Probation Officer.  Their Probation Officer will provide your child’s file number and notify you of court hearing dates and times.  Probation Officers are your “contact” people who will guide you through the legal system and answer general questions about your child’s behavior/welfare while in detention. 

Medical Department                                                  574.235.5387

          We have nursing staff on duty 12 hours a day.  They conduct physicals on all newly admitted juveniles, dispense medications, and provide medical treatment when necessary. 

Social Services Department                                         574.235.5405

          Social Services provide mental health assessments and counseling services for all juveniles at the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Detention Department                                             574.235.5385

          You may contact the Control Room at the above number to verify if your child is eligible for visitation.  When you call with any questions about your child, you must provide their file number that was given to you by their assigned Probation Officer.  Detention Staff cannot provide any information if you do not have this number due to confidentiality and safety.  If you have/want information regarding homework call 235.5388. 

Education Department                                             574.235.5398

          Call if you have/want information regarding your child’s schoolwork or information about the G.E.D. testing. 

Chaplain                                                                    574.850.3146

          The Chaplain provides individual spiritual support, chapel services, and schedules pastors/clergy visits with juveniles (after parental permission is given).


Detention Visitation Policies

There are four types of visits for children at the Juvenile Justice Center. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the specific guidelines for each type. Visits with juveniles in secure custody are held in Detention and supervised by detention officers.  Your lack of cooperation with JJC staff or misconduct may result in suspension of visitation with your child.

Initial Conferences

          An Initial Conference is an opportunity for a parent-child-attorney conference prior to detention hearings.  This is your opportunity to check your child’s welfare and help you decide if you want to retain legal representation.  (See Visitation Schedule on Page 13)

 Regular Visits

          Juveniles will only be authorized visits from their parents/guardians and grandparents.  Juveniles have regular visits on Sundays with an opportunity to earn an additional honor visit on Tuesday or Thursday with good behavior and progress within JJC Value Based Behavior Management program. (See Visitation Schedule on Page 13) 

Placement Visits

          Juveniles who are being “placed” outside of the State of Indiana may have a placement visit prior to their departure.  These visits will occur in Detention on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at

8:30pm to 9:00pm.  Detention Staff will supervise visits.  A juvenile may be allowed to have three people visit from the following: parent/guardian/custodian must be one visitor and siblings over the age of 21.  Probation Officers are responsible for completing a visitation request by 5:00pm the date of the visit or no visit will be allowed.  Visits will not be allowed for juveniles who are misbehaving

Counsel Sessions

          Counseling sessions by Attorneys, Clergy, and Mental Health counselors are encouraged to meet with their clients Monday through Friday 3:30 – 5:00pm so juveniles are not absent from program activities.  Counsel sessions must be authorized by the child’s Probation Officer.

 Staff will terminate a visit for improper behavior or clothing.

– No Exceptions 

JJC Mission Statement 

The St. Joseph County Juvenile Justice Center is dedicated to protecting the safety of the community by providing the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for the children and the families of our county.

Detention Statement of Purpose 

The Detention Department and employees are dedicated in offering juveniles educational opportunities and providing safe shelter through professional supervision.


Value Based Behavior Management (VBBM)


1.                 To reinforce appropriate behavior by rewarding points to advance detainees in levels and increase their privileges with each advancement.

2.                 To discourage inappropriate behavior by not earning or deduction of points, the loss of levels and privileges, and potential confinement to a room.

3.                 To instill the four core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, TOLERANCE, AND ACCPETANCE to develop a healthy conscience, empathy, respect and tolerance of others. 


1.     The Detainee must be reminded of the rules and expectations for his/her behavior prior to every activity.  Staff will question or state the expectations.

2.     Staff will link the expectation to a value by either question or state what value applies to the expectation for the detainee’s performance.

3.     Staff must obtain a commitment to the expectation from the detainee(s).

4.     Staff will explain to the detainee that lack of cooperation or commitment will result in negative consequences.

5.     Consequences will be as closely related to particular behaviors in terms of the severity relevant to the behavior.  Giving individual consequences is much more effective that giving group consequences. 


Detainee Expectations 

1.     Follow and comply with all JJC rules and staff instructions in a timely manner.

2.     Demonstrate Respect for each other and staff.

3.     Address staff by their formal name, or

Titles. (ie: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Officer)

4.     You/your parents are responsible to pay for repair or replacement of any property that you damage.

5.     You are responsible for your point card.  You must carry your point card and turn into your staff prior to shift change/request. 


RESPECT – Act of showing consideration to self, other, and those in authority 

RESPONSIBILITY – To be called to account for something; dependable; reliable; trustworthy 

TOLERANCE – Capacity for recognizing and respecting the opinion, practices or behavior of others 

ACCEPTANCE – Regard as true, believe in 




Level 1

-Detainee will spend 48 hours on Level 1 once admitted to Detention

-Detainees will pass the VBBM test before earning level 2.

-Detainee is not allowed any papers/books/picture in room

-Detainee is confined to room

 (Except for daily hour of exercise)

-Two envelopes/postage per week


Level 2 - (Must earn/maintain with 220 points in 5 days)

-Detainees advance to Level 2 once he/she has passed the VBBM test

-Allowed all recreation activities (gym, games)

-Allowed out of their rooms until 2000 hours

-One Phone call per week (Wed.)

-One Visit per week (Sun.)

- Two envelopes/postage per week 


Level 3 - (Must earn/maintain 230 points in 5 days)

-Detainees advance to Level 3 after achieving 230 points on Level 2

-Allowed all recreation activities (gym, games)

-Out of their rooms until 2100 hours

-Evening Gym (One hour when possible)

-Two phone calls per week (Mon./Sat.)

-Two visits per week (Sun./Tues. or Thurs.)

- Two envelopes/postage per week

-One movie on Fri. & Sat.

-Snack – popcorn on Wed. 


Level 4 - (Must earn/maintain 240 points in 5 days)

-Detainees advance to Level 4 after achieving 240 points on Level 3

-Allowed all recreation activities (gym, games)

-Out of their rooms until 2200 hours

-Evening Gym (One hour when possible)

-Three phone calls per week (Mon./Fri./Sat.)

-Two visits per week (Sun./Tues. or Thur.)

- Two envelopes/postage per week

-Two movies on Fri. & Sat.

-Snack – popcorn on Wed. and Pizza on Sat.

-Use of AM/FM walkman radio for 20 minutes

(after 2100 hours on Sun./Tues./Thur.)

-Outside dining on picnic tables – weather permitting 


Complaint/Request Forms

Complaint/Request Forms need to be completed to request to see or to discuss a problem with the following:

-                     Medical Staff

-                     Probation Officer

-                     Social Service/Counselor

-                     Detention Supervisor

-                     Chaplain

-                     Detention Administration 

To complete the form you must CIRCLE the appropriate department/person that you want to report a problem or request to talk to. 

You only need to complete one Complaint/Request Form about the same issue.  Multiple forms are not necessary. 

Complaint/Request forms are available at any time.  Staff has the discretion to determine when the form is to be filled out due to other activities that maybe occurring.



Phone Calls 

-                     Detainees are allowed one phone call at time of admission if brought in by police.

-                     Detainees will be allowed to have a 5-minute phone call to your parent/guardian to let them know where you are.

-                     Regular phone calls will be allowed per your Level on the VBBM.  (See pages 10 & 11)

-                     Detainees will only be allowed to call telephone numbers that are approved by their probation officer.

-                     Detention Staff will supervise all phone calls.


Visitation Schedule





Regular Visits

Honor Visits

Honor Visits

Initial Conf. 2:00pm

Initial Conf. 6:00pm

Initial Conf. 6:pm

AE  3:00-3:25

AE  6:30-6:55

EE  6:30-6:55

AW 3:30-3:55

AW 7:00-7:25

EW 7:00-7:25

BE  4:00-4:25

BE  7:30-7:55

FW 7:30-7:55

BW 4:30-4:55

BW 8:00-8:25

FE  8:00-8:25

CE  6:30-6:55

CE  8:30-8:55


CW 7:00-7:25

CW 9:00-9:25


EE  7:30-7:55



EW 8:00-8:25



FE  8:30-8:55



FW 9:00-9:25




-                     Detainees will only be allowed two visitors during their visitation time.

-                     The Detainee’s probation officer authorizes all visitors.

-                     Detainees are not allowed to give/receive any items during visitation.

-                     Detention Staff will supervise all visits. 


All correspondence must be mailed/delivered by the United States Postal Service for safety reasons. 

We will not accept non-mailed letters and/or packages

Incoming Mail:

-         Detainees may receive mail daily, which is screened for security purposes.

-         Stamps and any contraband will be removed from the letter before it is given to the detainee.

-         Detainees on Room Restriction will have their mail placed inside their personals so that they can read their mail during the time out of their room.

-         Send all letters to your child using the address on the front cover. 

Outgoing Mail:

-         Blank envelopes are distributed on Fridays and collected daily.  All detainees are given 2 envelopes per week.

-         Postage is provided by Detention.

-         Detainees who do not use their allotted postage/envelopes in a week may not save them for future use.

-          Please refer to pages 10 & 11 for the number of envelopes allowed




0500 -     Showers Begin.  Everyone must shower and demonstrate proper hygiene. 

0700 -     Shift Change 

0715-      Breakfast begins.  Detention Officers escort groups of detainees to the Dining Hall for meals.    Those on no privileges will dine in the pod. 

0730 -    School Begins.  All detainees are expected to attend Educational Classes on a daily                  basis   (Monday thru Friday) 



Detainees on Level 2 – 4 will only be placed into their rooms during shift change and at their designated bed times. 

Detainees will not be allowed to go into their rooms early. 

0830 -     Gym/Pod School Begins (B/C Pods)

              Cleaning Begins (Saturday) 

0900-      Religious Services (Saturday) 

1000 -     Out of County phone calls to P.O.s (Thursday) 

1100 -     Lunch Begins – Per scheduled rotation

1215 -     Gym/Pod School Begins (A/E Pods)

 1300 -    VBBM Modules (Saturday & Sunday)

 1430 -    Detainees placed in rooms prior to shift change

              Point cards must be turned in

1500 -    Shift Change

             (Sundays) Visits Begin – Per Visitation Schedule

1530 -    School Ends (B/C Pods)

 1600 -    VBBM Modules – All pods (Monday & Thursday)

               Cleaning -          Monday – Level 1 & 2

                                        Wednesday – Level 3 & 4

 1700 -    Dinner begins - The Detention Officer will escort all detainees to the Dining Hall for meals. 

              Those on no privileges will dine in the pod.

              Per Scheduled rotation

 1800 -    Homework time for all pods

              Tutors Tuesday & Wednesday

              Visits Begin – Per Visitation Schedule (See Page 13)

 1900 -    Religious Services

              C Pod – Monday

              All Pods – Wednesday

              Movies begin for Level 3 & 4 - Friday & Saturday

 1930 -    Med Pass

              Evening Snacks – All detainees

 2000 -    Level 2’s go to their rooms

    Sick Call – Detainees must complete request form for nurse to see them during this time.

              Snacks – Level 3 & 4 - Wednesday

2100 -    Level 3’s go to their rooms

              Movie begins for Level 4 - Friday & Saturday

              Pizza – Level 4’s – Saturday

 2200 -    Level 4’s go to their rooms

2300 -     Shift Change


Laundry items will be issued/collected according to the following schedule: 

Detainee Uniforms

-                     Monday/Wednesday/Friday 


-                     Daily 


-                     A Pod – Monday

-                     B Pod – Tuesday

-                     C Pod – Wednesday

-                     E Pod – Thursday

-                     F Pod – Friday 


All hygiene supplies that juveniles need in Detention are provided by the facility.   

They are issued the following items:

-                     Toothbrush/Toothpaste

-                     Deodorant

-                     Comb

-                     Soap




-         Pen, Pencils, and hard covered books

-         More than 1 mattress

-         More than 2 blankets/1 set of sheets

-         More than 1 pair of socks

-         More than 1 complete uniform

-         More than 2 books

-         More than 3 letters

-         More that 5 photos of immediate family

-         Hygiene items not during the appropriate time

-         Food

-         Damaged or destroyed property

-         Pictures on the walls

-         Staples of any kind 

Personal Cabinet

-         Excessive amounts of blank paper

-         Excessive amounts of hygiene supplies

-         Damaged property

-         Staples of any kind

-         Food

-         Pens or Pencils


Books & Reading Materials 

We only accept school textbooks and softbound religious books (Bible, Koran, Talmud, and etc.).  The juveniles will not be able to take hard covered books into their rooms, but will have access to them during school and homework time.  Juveniles do have access to over eight hundred book library and are encouraged to read these books at anytime.  Other books may be brought in, but will be considered a donation to the facility library.  

Hair Care 

Hair care services by a licensed professional are available to juveniles while in Detention.  The Haircut Waiver and Release of Liability form must be completed in order to schedule haircuts and a money order for the specified amount on the form.  These forms can be obtained from Detention Staff or the Detention Administration secretary.  There needs to be at a minimum of two juveniles scheduled for haircuts.   



Contact with any questions.


Contact with any questions.